Are you looking for ways to supercharge your email marketing? There’s no great mystery to it – but there ARE some email marketing tips that will help your emails work harder for you.

Here’s my top 7 to get you started.

1 – Personalise

Rather than a generic ‘Hi’ (or worse still, no greeting at all), use the recipient’s first name. If you can also use their name in the subject line, even better.

2 – Keep it simple

Don’t confuse people by talking about lots of different things in the same email.

I know it’s tempting – you’ve got lots to say, and so much you want your reader to do: join your online classes, check out your latest blog, come along to a franchise discovery day, buy your latest merch . . .

But if you’re not careful, people will get so confused as to what the point of your email is that they’ll end up just closing it.

Including just 1 call-to-action button in your marketing emails can increase clicks by over 350%.

And by focusing on ONE message and ONE call-to-action in each email, you’ll then have more reasons to show up in people’s inboxes!

3 – Don’t make it all about you

Like any good marketing copy, don’t make your emails all about you. Put your reader at the heart of your writing and let them know from the get-go what’s in it for THEM.

4 – Write like you speak

Using everyday words you’d use if you were talking face-to-face with someone will make your copy easier to read and help build an instant rapport. You want people to be able to ‘hear’ your voice through your words!

5 – Pay attention to your subject line

Your subject line is what will make someone decide whether or not to open your email, so it’s important to spend some time getting it right. Make sure it’s not so long that it doesn’t fit in the email preview window, and use an emoji if appropriate – but use them sparingly!

And don’t ignore your pre-header field if you have one – it’s another opportunity to pique people’s interest and tempt them to open your email.

6 – Think ‘mobile first’

Given that more than 60% of emails are opened on a mobile device, as opposed to just 10% on a desktop computer, checking how your email looks on your mobile shouldn’t be an afterthought. It should be an integral part of your testing process before you click ‘send’.

7 – Test the customer journey

Send yourself the email and take the steps you’d expect your reader to. For example, if somebody’s received your email because they’ve completed a form on your website, make sure that your email doesn’t just send them round in circles!

Similarly, make sure that any links work properly – sounds like common sense, but broken links happen all the time.

So there you are – my top 7  tips to supercharge your email marketing. It’s not a dark science, but it is a bit of a fine art!

And if you’d like some help to put these tips into practice, just get in touch for a chat.