brand development

2 pregnant women with bare bumps standing on one leg doing yoga

Balance brand consistency
with flexibility

Your visual identity is a crucial part of what makes your brand successful. Very often it’s the first impression a potential customer has of your company. It’s what makes you instantly recognisable in a crowded marketplace, so its importance shouldn’t be ignored.

But your brand is so much more than your logo, strapline and colour palette. It encompasses your total personality: it’s what you do and what you say, as well as what you look like. Ultimately, it’s how you make people feel.

Strengthen your credibility

I can work with you to develop and manage your brand, including your visual identity and brand guidelines.

I can also help craft a suite of printed collateral and digital assets which will strengthen your brand and its credibility.

Even in today’s digital age, parents still enjoy the reassurance of physical marketing materials that they can touch & feel.

It’s an opportunity for them to get a real sense of who you are, and a good piece of collateral can intrigue them enough to drive them to your digital channels.

Whether your visual identity is starting to look a little tired, or you need to inject some new creativity into your printed marketing collateral, contact me at Memory Marketing to find out how I can help you build a brand that is strong, consistent – and memorable!

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