PR that gets noticed

Everybody loves
a good story

No matter how large or small your business, your reputation is everything. Effective PR can help manage that reputation to create positive brand awareness that influences opinion. And ultimately, that results in more customers for you.

You’ve probably heard the old adage: ‘Advertising’s what you pay for; publicity’s what you pray for.’

But PR isn’t just putting together a quick press release, sending it out to all and sundry . . . and then sitting back and keeping your fingers crossed. Not if it’s done well, anyway.

The right story in the right place

To get great press coverage (whether in print or online), you need to tell great stories.

Sometimes those stories are right under your nose, but because you’re so close to them, you can’t always see them.

I can help you uncover those stories, and then tell them in a way that grabs journalists’ attention.

I’ll then find the right places for your brand to be seen to make sure your story gets shouted about as loudly as possible – whether that’s local or national media, parenting titles or trade press.

Approved editorial copy at your fingertips

I can work with you to showcase different aspects of your business by creating a useful bank of informative editorial copy that’s on-brand.

So the next time somebody asks, “Do you have 500 words about . . . ?”, you’ll have approved copy at your fingertips.

If you want to blow your own trumpet, but aren’t sure about how to go about it, just get in touch with me at Memory Marketing.

What are you waiting for?