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Don’t let the fact that Helen is a gentle, softly-spoken soul give you the wrong impression. Underneath that quiet exterior there’s a will of iron and a fearsome determination.

She’s also highly intelligent. One of the things I remember most about working with her is that when she spoke, everyone listened.

She’s a skilled copywriter – able to mimic the tone and pitch of any company she’s writing for; and, having worked for many years in small (but high profile) marketing and PR departments, is equally knowledgeable in other areas. Visual identity, brand guidelines, production of marketing materials, fundraising on a £million scale, website management… The list is, frankly, endless. All enhanced by her keen eye for detail, meaning she’s always fully ‘on brand’ and quietly makes sure everyone else is too.

Jess Thompson

Co-founder of Water Babies Ltd

Helen understood the clear link between what matters to Water Babies clients and franchises, and the benefits that the corporate brand could derive from working together on a joint event called Splashathon, which has now become one of the UK’s top 25 fundraising events.

Working with 50 franchises and over 42,000 participants Helen devised a range of communications pieces, both network and client-facing, across various channels that included social media, email marketing, promotional material and PR.

This contributed to over £1m being raised in 2017 and almost 450 pieces of media coverage, including national press and TV coverage on ITV’s “Loose Women”.

Jane Brewin

Chief Executive, Tommy's

One of the first projects Helen initiated when she took the marketing lead on WaterBumps was an extensive review of the brand. She breathed new life into the visual elements with enhanced design and contemporary photography, while refined messaging really captured the essence of the offering.

The changes she implemented on the website – restructuring the site and rewriting the copy – resulted in an increase in organic traffic, more than doubling online enquiries.

Over the 8 years I worked with Helen, both in WaterBumps and its sister company Water Babies, she consistently delivered high-quality work, within timelines and to budget. Whether working as part of a team or individually, Helen’s work is always thorough and methodical, and her passion for her work shines through.

Ali Burlingham

Former Head of WaterBumps

With thousands of stakeholders requiring different information and messaging, effective communication was key in the successful delivery of Children’s Activities Week.

Throughout the campaign Helen’s industry insight, copywriting and marketing skills proved vital in ensuring we inspired people all over the UK to come together and participate in the fundraising activity.

With excellent attention to detail and a passion for effective communication, Helen was a pleasure to work with and a valued member of the team.

Ben Sutcliffe

Director of Executive Projects
Caudwell Children

Helen has been a pleasure to work with over the past 9 months, providing expertise and advice alongside nuts and bolts content, all delivered on time and very efficiently.

Helen worked brilliantly as part of our multi-organisation and virtual team. Also of note was her ability to adapt to changes and issues that cropped up, quietly and effectively without any drama.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Helen.

Sam Willoughby

MD, What's On 4 Ltd

Helen has helped our company grow by creating an extensive and consistent marketing plan that we couldn't do by ourselves. We knew the basics, but this simply wasn't enough, and it's not until you work with Helen that you realise how many different techniques you need to consider.

There are many aspects of marketing that we, as business owners, need to think about, and I would strongly advise finding yourselves 'a Helen' to ensure you're doing everything possible to grow your business.

I know many in the sector that have worked with Helen and I hear nothing but positive feedback. It made our decision to work with her a very easy one!

George Bentley

UK MD, ThinkSmart Software

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